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You Can Sell PDF Book by Shiv Khera

When you cannot go straight, you go the other way around. Since we shared a building, his wife got to know my wife and somehow persuaded her that selling life insurance was the proper course to take. My wife and I both realised that we needed to change our ways and stop spending our days cleaning vehicles.

I had to provide for my family. My wife understood that it would be difficult for her to persuade me because we had a little daughter. All salespeople are independent contractors, and they cannot succeed until they see themselves as such. The actual query is: If not for yourself, then for whom are you working?

Nothing happens in a free economy unless a sale is made. A salesperson transports goods and services from the manufacturer to the consumer. He helps generate income, keeps the economic machinery turning, and thus plays a crucial function in the economy. In fact, one wonders what would happen to the national or global economy if the selling profession disappeared.

PDF Name: You Can Sell PDF Book
No. of Pages: 285
PDF Size: 2 MB
Language: English

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