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Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book Download by Jean Rhys

She convinced a doctor from Spanish Town to see my younger brother Pierre, who stumbled when he walked and had trouble speaking clearly. I’m not sure what the doctor said to her or what she replied to him, but after that he didn’t return and she started to change. Not gradually, but suddenly. She eventually refused to leave the house at all as she got frail and mute.

Our garden was as huge and lovely as the garden described in the Bible; but, the tree life had become out of control. The paths were overgrown, and the smell of fresh living flowers blended with that of dead flowers. The light was green beneath the towering tree ferns, which resembled forest tree ferns. Out of reach or for some other reason, orchids thrived without being touched.

One had a snaky appearance, while the other had long, thin brown tentacles that were devoid of leaves and hung from a twisted root. The octopus orchid bloomed twice a year, after which not a single tentacle could be seen. It was a beautiful sight, a bell-shaped mass of white, mauve, and deep purple. The aroma was quite strong and pleasant.

PDF Name: Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book Download
No. of Pages: 171
PDF Size: 49 MB
Language: English

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