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We Hunt the Flame PDF Book by Hafsah Faizal

Her murders allowed people to live. And if doing so required entering the Arz, where not even the sun dared peek, then so be it. Zafira bint Iskandar occasionally had the thought that she was braver than the sun. Most of the time, she couldn’t wait to leave the evernight Arz behind and be completely entrenched in her caliphate’s plains, complete with daama snow.

Even though the antlers were harsh against her hands, it was one of those days. She pretended her sigh was brought on by the completion of her duty rather than the result of the tightly wound fear that was unwinding in her heart as she left the horrible prison of a forest. Her cheeks received a warm welcome kiss from the rising sun.

She left a trail of steam in her wake as she dragged the deer carcass, turning the dirty snow an unsettling shade of red. There was an aura of promise. The soil was silent, and the trees were murmuring. It has no value. The worst time to visit was when paranoia showed up. The upcoming wedding was the only reason she was so emotional.

PDF Name: We Hunt the Flame PDF Book
No. of Pages: 522
PDF Size: 2 MB
Language: English

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