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The Way of Men PDF Book by Jack Donovan

In a world of men, a man is more than just another man. He is a man among men. Being a decent man has less to do with a man’s relationship to any woman or any group of women and more to do with a guy’s capacity to thrive with men and among groups of men.

Women think that by making masculinity about what they want from men, they will enhance men. Men desire women’s desire for them, but this is not their main concern. Men compete with one another for status when they do so because they want to win each other’s approval.

The most attractive women in the past have been drawn to or claimed by males who were revered or feared by other men. Male approval has frequently had an impact on female approval. Being a man among other men is what it means to be a man. Above all, being a man is about what other men desire from you.

PDF Name: The Way of Men PDF Book
No. of Pages: 134
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Language: English

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