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The Trusted Advisor PDF Book by Robert M. Galford

Although our formal education was helpful to us, nothing in it adequately prepared us for the realities of trying to provide clients with excellent service. We discovered along the way that being a successful advisor requires more than just having sound counsel to impart. There are extra abilities involved that are essential to your success but which no one ever teaches you.
We were never shown how to do that either by anyone. Still, we had to acquire it. Somehow. Under the moniker “The Trusted Advisor,” Rob Galford and Charlie Green have been leading workshops, seminars, and training sessions for some of the most renowned professional firms in the world for many years.

In the meantime, David Maister was providing advise and writing about other related subjects, such as professionalism, giving counsel, client relationships, and so forth. We first connected when we both had presentations scheduled at the same conference and realised we both, individually, held a piece of the puzzle. We believe we can provide a whole image when we work together.

PDF Name: The Trusted Advisor PDF Book
No. of Pages: 301
PDF Size: 2 MB
Language: English

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