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The Sun Also Rises PDF Book by Ernest Hemingway

Princeton’s former middleweight boxing champion was Robert Cohn. Do not assume that I am really impressed by the boxing title, but Cohn treasured it. Even though he detested boxing, he learned it painstakingly and extensively to help him overcome the inferiority complex and shyness he had experienced after being treated unfairly because he was a Jew at Princeton.
Although he was extremely shy and a really kind child, he never engaged in combat outside of the gym, there was a certain inner comfort in knowing he could knock down anyone who was snobbish to him. He was the top student of Spider Kelly. Spider Kelly taught all of his young gentlemen, whether they weighed one hundred and five or two hundred and five pounds, to box like featherweights.

But Cohn seemed to suit the bill. He moved pretty quickly. He was so excellent that Spider quickly defeated him and suffered a permanent flattening of his nose. Cohn’s dislike of boxing grew as a result, but he felt a peculiar sense of satisfaction and his nose definitely got better. In his final year at Princeton, he read excessively and started wearing glasses.

PDF Name: The Sun Also Rises PDF Book
No. of Pages: 108
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: English

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