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[PDF] The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin PDF

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PDF Name: The Story of an Hour PDF
No. of Pages: 13
PDF Size: 203 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files

Author: Kate Chopin

The Story of an Hour Summary

Louise Mallard has heart problems, thus she has to be kept up to date on her husband’s death. Josephine, her sister, informs her of the news. When Richards, Louise’s husband’s buddy, was at the newspaper office, he learnt about a train accident and spotted Louise’s husband, Brently, on the list of those slain. When Josephine informs Louise about Brently’s death, she sobs and rushes upstairs to be alone in her room.

Louise takes a seat and gazes out the open window. She sees trees, smells rain coming down, and hears a vendor shouting what he’s selling. She hears someone singing and hears birds, and the sky is filled with fluffy white clouds. She has wrinkles around her eyes and is youthful. She stares into the horizon, still sobbing. She is frightened and attempts, but fails, to control her mounting feelings. She starts repeating the phrase Free! over and over in her head. Her heart is racing, and she is quite heated.

When Louise sees Brently’s body, she knows she’ll weep again. His hands were kind, and he constantly gave her a loving gaze. But then she thinks of the years ahead, which are all hers for the time being, and she stretches her arms wide happily in anticipation. She will be independent, with no one to oppress her. She believes that all women and men oppress one another, even when they are acting in good faith. Louise knows she has feelings for Brently, but she convinces herself that it doesn’t matter anymore. She is overjoyed at her newly acquired liberty.

Louise’s doorbell rings, and Josephine begs her to come out, threatening to make her ill if she doesn’t. Louise advises her to get out of here. She daydreams about all the days and years ahead of her, hoping to live a long life. She then opens the door and begins heading down the stairs with Josephine, where Richards is waiting.

Brently enters via the front door, which has suddenly opened. He hadn’t been involved in the train accident, nor had he even been aware that one had occurred. Richards attempts unsuccessfully to keep Louise from seeing him when Josephine shouts. Louise died after a heart attack caused on by happiness, according to the doctors.

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