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[PDF] The Roommate Rosie Danan PDF Download

I avoided reading any spoilers before starting Rosie Danan’s debut book, The Roommate, and I just have to say that this book is such a breath of fresh air. I didn’t even realise I needed a rom-com about a socialite and an adult entertainment (yeah, a porn star) until I watched The Roommate. I wanted to be best friends with the main characters Clara, Josh, and Josh’s ex-girlfriend Naomi because the plot, which centres on the porn industry, is so original and because they are all such sweethearts.

The characters were what truly drew me in to this narrative, mostly because they were really different from what I had anticipated given the typical assumptions of socialites and porn stars. Clara is essentially the complete antithesis of a Paris Hilton type. She lacks confidence in most aspects of her life and is lovely but awkward. When the novel begins, Clara has also recently resigned her career and relocated from New York to California to live with her childhood sweetheart because she misreads his cues and believes she is on the right path to finding happiness. But instead of living happily ever after, Clara discovers herself sharing a room with a random man her crush met on Craigslist and sublet his house to while he went on tour with his band. Wow, how awkward!

Josh, the aforementioned roommate, is just as charming as Clara. He initially comes across as very haughty and obviously proud of his capacity to win over women, but he’s also charming, enjoyable, and lovely, and soon Clara and I begin to warm up to him. As Clara gets to know him better and it becomes apparent that some of his arrogance is merely a facade, I have grown to appreciate him even more. Like Clara, Josh is a complex person with many layers, some of which are laced with insecurities, fears, and doubts. I simply adored how authentic both characters came across and how their connection progressed. Yes, they have their share of sizzling, sexual moments with mouthwatering banter, but they also have a lot of heartwarming, nice moments that made me grin.

PDF Name: The Roommate Rosie Danan PDF Download
No. of Pages: 336
PDF Size: 12 MB
Language: English

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