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The One Thing PDF Book by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

It took me a while to really understand this. Although I had previously been successful, it wasn’t until I came up against a wall that I started to link my outcomes to my strategy. We had established a flourishing business with ambitions on a national and international scale in less than ten years, but all of a sudden, things weren’t going as planned.

Despite my commitment and effort, my life was in disarray, and it seemed as though everything was collapsing around me. Going small is the best approach to maximise both your life and your career. Most people hold the exact opposite view. They believe that major accomplishment takes time and is difficult.

Their schedules and to-do lists thus fill up and become daunting. They begin to feel like success is beyond their grasp, so they compromise. They get bogged down attempting to do too much and ultimately accomplish too little because they are unaware that huge success comes from doing a few things effectively. Over time, people let their lives get smaller, lower their standards, and give up on their aspirations.

PDF Name: The One Thing PDF Book
No. of Pages: 295
PDF Size: 4 MB
Language: English

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