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The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book In English By Gary Keller PDF

“The Millionaire Real Estate Investor finally brings a book to the real estate investing market that’s been missing . . . A real model for success that works in the real world and not just in the bookstore.” One of the top ten real estate investment and leadership development books is The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, which was published in 2005. Gary Keller wrote the book, with help from Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is about building great financial wealth, and although there are ways to make money fast even in real estate investing, this book is not about “get-rich-quick” schemes and techniques. Frankly, there are no express elevators to the top in financial wealth building—just a long flight of steps. But it is a worthy journey, and reaching the top takes both patience and perseverance. This book is about a tried and true financial wealth-building vehicle that rewards those who have patience and perseverance—that vehicle is real estate.

Self-made millionaire Keller founded Keller Williams Realty International, the biggest real estate franchise in the world based on the number of agents. Keller Williams, which was established in 1983, is listed among the top 5000 by Inc.

PDF Name: The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book In English By Gary Keller PDF
No. of Pages: 434
PDF Size: 9.13 MB
Language: English

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