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The Kiss of Deception PDF Book by Mary E. Pearson

A single dream would be born and a thousand dreams would die today. Wind was aware. Even though it was the first day of June, chilly gusts tore at the hilltop citadelle with the same ferocity as the coldest winter, shaking the windows with curses and whispering warnings through the freezing halls. What was to come could not be avoided.

The hours were drawing closer, for better or worse. I squinted my eyes shut to block out the thought that the day would soon split in half, eternally defining the before and after of my life, and that it would occur in a single rapid deed that I would not be able to change any more than the colour of my eyes. The limitless hills of Morrighan were left to their own concerns as I pushed away from the window and fogged it with my own breath.

Time for me to start my day had come. The required ceremonies and rites were carried out exactly as they had been instructed, following the prescribed liturgies, which served as a monument to the glory of Morrighan and the Remnant from which it sprung. I did not object. By this time, numbness had taken hold of me, but as lunchtime drew near, my heart began to race once again as I faced the final set of stairs separating me from there.

PDF Name: The Kiss of Deception PDF Book
No. of Pages: 276
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: English

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