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The Glass Castle PDF Book Download by Jeannette Walls

Mother was 15 feet away. She was rummaging through the trash while her dog, a black-and-white terrier mix, played at her feet. She had put rags around her shoulders to protect her from the spring chill. Mom made actions that were all too familiar: she would tilt her head and stick out her lower lip to look at something she had pulled out of the trash that might be valuable, and when she found anything she liked, her eyes would expand with childlike pleasure.

Even though her eyes were deeply set and her long, gray-streaked hair was matted and knotted, she nevertheless made me think of the mother I knew when I was a child—the one who took me swan-diving off cliffs, painted in the desert, and read Shakespeare loudly. Her skin was dried and reddish from spending so many winters and summers outside, but her cheekbones were still high and strong.

She likely resembled any of the thousands of homeless persons in New York City to passersby. I hadn’t seen Mom in months, so when she looked up, I was struck with fear that she would recognise me and call my name, that someone passing by on the way to the same party would see us together, that Mom would introduce herself, and that my secret would be revealed.

PDF Name: The Glass Castle PDF Book Download
No. of Pages: 261
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: English

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