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[PDF] The Glass Castle Book by Jeannette Walls PDF

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PDF Name: The Glass Castle Book PDF
No. of Pages: 181
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
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Author: Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle Book Summary

Jeannette Walls opens her autobiography with a vignette from her adult life. Jeannette glances out the window of a taxi in New York City and sees her mother garbage diving. She hides in her seat to avoid being seen, but later asks her mother to lunch to discuss how she might assist. Mom admonishes Jeannette for being embarrassed of her own family, insisting that she and Dad enjoy being homeless. Jeannette’s narrative then travels back in time to her earliest recollection. Jeannette, who is three years old, lives in a trailer park with her mother, father, elder sister Lori, and younger brother Brian. While cooking hot dogs over a stove, Jeannette’s tutu catches fire, and her mother takes her to the hospital for an emergency skin transplant. Dad smuggles her out of the hospital after six weeks without paying the cost. Back at home, Jeannette resumes her unsupervised cooking and begins to play with matches.

Dad has the family put all of their things into the family vehicle and drive across town in the middle of the night, a ritual he refers to as “doing the skedaddle.” The Wallses perform the skedaddle dozens of times over the following several years, relocating all over to keep ahead of debt collectors and police authorities. They spend a month or two in bigger places like Las Vegas and San Francisco, where Dad may gamble for fast cash. The Wallses, on the other hand, spend the most of their time in remote desert mining communities, where Mom and Dad educate their children reading, arithmetic, and specific survival skills. Dad drinks a lot and has a hard time keeping a job, but he assures his family that their wandering existence is just temporary. He vows to gather riches and create the Glass Castle for his family, a vast, self-sustaining glass structure.

Mom gives birth to another child, Maureen, while Jeannette is in first grade. Dad gets a job as an electrician in Battle Mountain, Nevada, and moves the family there. Until Dad loses his job, the family has six months of relative stability. Mom obtains a teaching job after an ugly confrontation. Dad withholds the majority of her wages, and the family goes hungry. When Billy Deel, a delinquent neighbour kid whose overtures Jeannette had turned down, arrives at the Walls house with his BB pistol, their stay in Nevada comes to an end. Jeannette retaliates with her father’s firearm. She deliberately misses him, but the cops are called in. The family decides to escape to Phoenix. Jeannette hears on the trip to Phoenix that Grandma Smith has died, leaving Mom a big amount of money and a home. Dad obtains a job as an electrician, and they move into the enormous home. The kids have regular meals, their own bicycles, and attend public school for approximately a year. Unfortunately, Dad loses his work, and his drinking deteriorates to dangerous levels. The family is once again on the verge of starvation. Mom believes it’s time to relocate to Welch, West Virginia, where Dad grew up.

The Wallses stay with Erma, Jeannette’s paternal grandmother, when they arrive in Welch. Most people in Welch see the Wallses as self-important foreigners, and Erma is a nasty, unwelcoming host. Erma molests Brian before Mom and Dad depart for a lengthy road trip to Phoenix. Erma confronts Jeannette and Lori, but they are viciously retaliated upon. When Dad arrives, he takes Erma’s side, but Erma evicts the family. The Wallses purchase a run-down home that lacks running water and indoor plumbing. Dad acknowledges that the circumstances aren’t perfect, but he vows to utilise the site to start building the Glass Castle. Brian and Jeannette dig a huge hole for the foundation to help Dad get started building the Glass Castle, but the family quickly fills it with junk. To make ends meet, the youngsters begin trash diving and stealing food from classmates and neighbours. Jeannette wants Mom to divorce Dad so she and her children may go on assistance, but Mom refuses.

Mom secures a teaching job after the Wallses receive a visit from child protective services. The money may fix their issues, but Dad’s excessive drinking depletes their resources once more, and the family goes hungry. Mom flies to Charleston for several weeks the next summer to renew her teaching licence. When Jeannette is given charge of the family finances, she discovers that she, too, succumbs to Dad’s requests for more money. Mom reveals that she will leave her work and dedicate all of her time to art when she returns from Charleston. Jeannette confronts Mom and Dad about their selfishness, but in retribution, Dad lashes her. Jeannette and Lori are furious and want to relocate to New York City as soon as possible. Jeannette, Lori, and Brian get employment in the Welch area and save for over a year, but Dad takes the money few months before Lori’s departure. Finally, Jeannette finds Lori a summer babysitting job that comes with a bus ticket to New York City.

Lori enjoys working in a restaurant and living in a women’s hostel in New York City. A year later, Jeannette relocates to the city and completes high school there, earning credit while interning at a Brooklyn newspaper. A year later, Brian arrives. Jeannette enrols at Barnard College, paying for her education with scholarships, loans, and money from odd jobs. At the age of twelve, Maureen moves live with Lori. Dad accuses Lori of kidnapping his children, and three years later, he and Mom go to New York City. Mom and Dad were booted out of various residences, so they lived on the streets for a while before becoming squatters.

Jeannette is now married and works for a respected publication. Lori is a painter, while Brian works as a cop. Maureen quits college and goes live with her parents. Maureen attempts to stab Mom and is sent to a mental facility for a year. The family disintegrates, and Dad dies of a heart attack a year later. Jeannette and her second husband, John, entertain the family for Thanksgiving five years after Dad’s death, but without Maureen. They raise a glass to Dad’s life.

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