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[PDF] The Fatherheaet Of God PDF Download

In the Christian community, the fatherhood of God is arguably the most undervalued aspect of God. The well-known phrase “Our Father who is in heaven” is used by Christians all across the world to address God in prayer. The most common title for God in the Christian tradition is “Father,” which may also be the most important one theologically. What does God’s title of “Father” mean?

How does God reveal to us that he is our father? Given the present shift in Western society toward a matriarchal or even an asexual society, is the idea of God as a father now out of date? Is God’s fatherhood a timeless, unchangeable attribute or an archaic anthropomorphism? These are highly important questions for the church today.

In the context of God pardoning and redeeming Israel, the Old Testament refers to God as the Father of Israel (and Israel as his son). Jesus claimed God as his Father and instructed his disciples to do the same, but the Jews of Jesus’ time were reluctant to refer to God as their Father (and hostile toward Jesus for doing so). God is both the Father and the Son, who was sent by the Father to carry out his redemptive scheme. The functioning of their connection, according to which the Son had entered the earth to carry out the Father’s will, is what sets the Son apart from the Father rather than the nature of his being, which is equally as divine as the Father’s. Because of this, we have a relationship with God as Father through Jesus the Son, sharing in his sonship as a result of the adoption that results from Christ’s atoning act for us.

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