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[PDF] The Encyclopedia Of The Novel PDF Free Download

A cutting-edge desktop reference work on the novel as a literary form is The Encyclopedia of the Novel. Its articles, which have a global perspective, concentrate on the background, lingo, and ideas crucial to understanding the genre. The Encyclopedia is accessible to beginners, but it is intended for a larger, more seasoned readership.

Its purpose is to help experts, graduate students, and teachers who are working in topics unrelated to their specialties, as well as to assist the general reader who is interested in specific, trustworthy information. The Encyclopedia provides in-depth treatment of cutting-edge ideas in those fields as the only reference work wholly devoted to the global history, theory, and form of the novel.

We once believed that novels should only be written in prose, although great works by Jean Toomer and Elizabeth Barrett Browning were wholly written in verse. We have novels without story, despite the fact that all novels should at least have a plot (Alain Robbe-Grillet, Marguerite Duras).

We also have non-fiction books (Truman Capote), books without characters (Samuel Beckett), and countless other books that contain one or more of these components. The majority of scholars agree on Mikhail Bakhtin’s assertion that the novel is an antigenre, a type of writing that parodies any literary form that is recognisable and sits motionless long enough to be written, as the closest thing scholars have to a consensus today.

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