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Shani Chalisa PDF Free Download श्री शनि चालीसा

The god of action and justice is thought to be Shanidev, Suryadev’s son. Shani Dev can be delighted on Saturdays, Shani Pradosh Vrat, and Shani Amavasya. The ability to reap the benefits of a person’s good and bad conduct rests in Shani Dev’s hands. Only when one hears that Saturn is in a negative dasha in another person’s horoscope does one become uneasy.

Saturn is regarded as being the most hostile and harsh of the nine planets. But not everyone experiences this. Shani does not permit a lack of money for those whom he bestows his blessing upon. According to astrology, Shani Maharaj never spends more than 30 days in any one sign of the zodiac. Out of the nine planets, Lord Shiva has given Shani Dev the responsibility of being the judge.

You’ve probably heard a lot of tales about Shani Dev, but today we’re going to tell you about the tale of his birth, which, if you read it, will set you free from sins as well. The most well-known account of Shanidev’s birth is found in Kashikhand of the Skandha Purana, one of the many birth myths included in the Puranas. According to mythology, King Daksha’s daughter Sangya was married to Suryadev.

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