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[PDF] Saint Germain PDF Books by David Llyod

MAY our Hearts’ Love and Gratitude go forth
today to our Beloved Mr. G. W. Ballard and
our Beloved David Lloyd, whose Experiences
are contained within this Book, The “I AM” Discourses.
May we pour to Them our deepest Love for these
Discourses, and this Explanation of the Victory of the

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence/ Beloved David
Lloyd, and the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, bring an
individual Crystal Cup of Liquid Light into our hands
and use; and as we drink It, compel the annihilation of
everything human. Draw forth and make visible, and
manifest in, to, through and around us all the Victory
of all that is Divine, and hold Thy Dominion in the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan in all we ever do forever.

Because of My long years of search, and My Intense
Desire to fulfill the Call of My Heart, this Mountain
is charged with the apex of My Feeling, and the Momentum that I had built of craving the Ascension. Therefore, you who turn your attention to Me and are
treading upon the ground upon which I walked

PDF Name: Saint Germain PDF Books by David Llyod
No. of Pages: 347
PDF Size: 5.25 MB
Language: English

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