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SaaS platform KSOC looks to secure Kubernetes environments

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Today, the event-driven software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform Cubernet’s Security Operations Center (KSOC) announced that it has raised $ 6 million as part of a seed funding round.

KSOC’s solution is designed to enable developers to automatically detect and track assets associated with Kubernets environments in any cloud provider, from the container registry to the relevant cloud logs and clusters. It also uses event-based architecture to identify misalignments, vulnerabilities, and security issues in real time.

Simplify Cubernets management

The organization hopes to offer solutions for enterprises and technological decision makers to simplify Cubernets management, so that onsite security teams can secure Cubernets and cloud-native infrastructure, even if they do not have extensive experience managing cloud attack surfaces.

With 55% citing lack of experience and expertise as the biggest challenge when choosing Cubernets, and 37% said it is difficult to recruit internal expertise.

Jimmy Mesta, co-founder and CTO of KSOC, said, “Kubernets are complex, and the deep layers of its abstraction leave a blind spot from a security standpoint.” “KSOC uses an event-based architecture to detect security issues in real time, but we take it a step further by automating measures by aligning it with the security framework through code or distributed policy enforcement.”

At the same time, “Cubernets user and service account rights are often overstated and are a major reason for cluster compromise. KSOC monitors in-cluster activity around role-based access control alerting on changes and automatically eliminates over-privileged access, ”he said.

Take a look at the Kubernets security market

KSOC is the latest entrant to the global container and Kubernets security market, valued at $ 714.0 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $ 8.24 billion by 2030 as further vulnerabilities and cyber threats raise concerns over securing container infrastructure.

The main competitors of the provider in the market are legacy scanning solutions that point out misconceptions and vulnerabilities. One of these providers is LesWorks, which provides security monitoring platforms for Kubernets that use behavioral analysis and machine learning to detect known and unknown risks. LesWorks raised $ 1.3 billion in the Category D funding round last year and was valued at $ 8.3 billion.

The other is Sysdig Secure, a security solution for containers, coubernets and cloud environments with risk detection and response policies, which recently announced a $ 350 million fundraiser, taking the company to પોસ્ટ 2.5 billion post-money valuation.

However, Mesta argues that KSOC’s capabilities go far beyond the scanning capabilities of existing solutions.

“Our competitors are primarily focused on legacy scanning solutions that only show point-in-time misalignments or vulnerabilities in containers or coubernets. These products usually only provide a list of problems in the form of a report, leaving the teams to resolve the process manually, ”he said.

“KSOC is created by Kubernetes security veterans to address the needs of modern enterprise organizations as they continue to scale their mission-critical business application in Kubernets,” Mesta said. “Our event-oriented approach combined with identity-focused security measures assures our customers that no security vulnerabilities will be introduced or exploited in their runtime environment.”

The funding round for KSOC was led by .406 Ventures with the participation of Vertex Ventures US and Gula Tech Adventures, and will enable KSOC to accelerate product development and upscale its sales and marketing strategy.

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