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Ruthless People PDF Book by J. J. McAvoy

I would take this Melody Giovanni and create a woman who was capable of serving as my queen. I would possess it all before I turned thirty if her family’s influence were coupled to mine. My cock went up at the prospect of that and what else the future held. I didn’t really care if she was gorgeous or not. Her last name and her devotion to me would be enough to protect me.

She fortunately already knew what her family did, according to what I was told. I had no time to explain to her what to expect or why my clothes might occasionally be a touch bloody. I could tell Liam’s mother gave him his green eyes, while his father gave him his darker features. With the exception of Malibu Barbie, they were all pretty attractive, and from what I could see, every one was a gift from God.

She had work done, but it was still good. But they all appeared to be ready for a Hallmark movie. It was really nauseating almost. When I realised who my family was, I was six years old. At seven years old, I was learning how to shoot my first gun and I was smarter than most children my age. By the age of eleven, I was receiving homeschooling in college algebra, drug cartels, and hand-to-hand combat at my father’s request.

PDF Name: Ruthless People PDF Book
No. of Pages: 349
PDF Size: 2 MB
Language: English

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