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Report: 61% of exec decision-makers to use process mining to simplify operations

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A new business survey process from Forrester Consulting highlights the growing adoption and importance of mining, especially for ongoing digital transformation efforts. Process mining, which works by gaining knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems, creates live X-rays of business processes. It is used to uncover and monitor hidden inefficiencies in the organization’s processes, such as how invoices and payments are made to employees, as well as how products are shipped.

According to the survey, 61% of decision makers will use or evaluate process mining to simplify operations. It shows that process mining is at a crossroads, as many areas where it can bring meaningful change, such as supply chain and sustainability, are now top boardroom priorities.

The findings of the report indicate the extent of the problem that the process can help solve mining. For example, only 16% of businesses say they have full visibility into their processes and only 7% have report complete, real-time process visibility. In addition, 71% of businesses use ten or more applications to run a process and 72% still use manual methods that limit the visibility of the process.

In contrast, it found that 90% of businesses that use process mining technology are confident that they will achieve their process improvement goals this year. The report also found that businesses are struggling to track processes across the system and use new forms of real-time streaming data. Fifty-three percent of businesses report using process visibility data that is more than a day old, while only 56% of decision makers feel they are able to incorporate all the systems involved in their department’s processes to create an end-to-end view. From those processes.

In addition, about half of the survey participants, 44%, said they were spending more because of a lack of insight into the process. And, 28% of North Americans are experiencing the effects of lower customer satisfaction from processing problems compared to 25% of their EMEA counterparts.

Forrester Consulting surveyed more than 800 decision makers in global companies for this report.

Read the full report by Forrester Consulting.

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