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[PDF] Entp Survival Guide PDF Download

Entp Survival Guide PDF Download

If there’s one thing INFPs do not need, it’s one more book telling them
who they ought to be.
From a young age, this type has been bombarded with mixed messages.
Be more disciplined, they’re told by authority figures.
Be more sexual, they’re told by the media.
Speak up, they’re told by well-meaning friends and colleagues.
Simmer down, they’re told by their middle-aged conservative uncle who
somehow roped them into yet another Facebook debate.
This type is keenly aware of all the versions of themselves they’ve opted
out of. The wilder version, who is backpacking their way through South
America. The studious version, who is completing their final year at Yale.
The complacent version, who married their childhood sweetheart. The
rebellious version, who is getting their nineteenth tattoo.
The INFP already lives in a land that’s over-populated with the people they
could have become. This book isn’t here to add an extra resident.
This book is here to congratulate you on whichever version of yourself you
have chosen (at least for now).

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