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[PDF] Outwitting The Devil Pdf Book By Napoleon Hill Download

Napoleon Hill’s 1938 work of fiction, Outwitting the Devil, was deemed to be too provocative to be released at the time. The book is structured as an interview between Hill (Mr. Earthbound) and the devil (our inner dark self), in which Hill explores the keys to success and freedom by analysing the biggest challenges that people have in achieving their own goals in life. Outwitting the Devil, annotated by Sharon Lechter, was published by Sterling Publishing in June 2011.

This book was written by Napoleon Hill in 1938, shortly after the release of his best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich. Because his family and friends believed it to be too contentious, this stirring story has never been published.

Napoleon Hill explores the main challenges we encounter in achieving our own goals, identifying them as the devil’s tools of fear, procrastination, anger, and envy. Napoleon Hill is renowned for his ability to get to the heart of human potential. Hill shows us the seven excellent principles that will enable us to overcome these covert tactics of control and succeed. Without them, we risk ruin.

PDF Name: Outwitting The Devil Pdf Book By Napoleon Hill
No. of Pages: 302
PDF Size: 4.49 MB
Language: English

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