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One Up on Wall Street PDF Book by John Rothchild and Peter Lynch

My father was a hard worker who left academics to work for John Hancock as the youngest senior auditor. He fell ill when I was seven and passed away from brain cancer when I was ten. Due to this tragedy, my mother was forced to work (at Ludlow Manufacturing, which was afterwards acquired by Tyco Labs), so I made the decision to assist by obtaining a part-time job of my own.

I was hired as a caddie when I was eleven years old. The Dow Jones dipped from 467 to 460 on that day, July 7, 1955. The ideal job for an eleven-year-old who had already discovered golf was caddying. I received payment for pacing a golf course. I would make more money in a single hour than delivery men who threw newspapers onto lawns at six every morning for a week.

What is superior to that? In high school, I started to comprehend the more subtle and significant benefits of caddying, particularly at a prestigious club like Brae Burn outside of Boston. The presidents and CEOs of significant companies, like Gillette, Polaroid, and, more importantly, Fidelity, were my clients. I was assisting D. George Sullivan in finding his ball while assisting myself in locating a profession.

PDF Name: One Up on Wall Street PDF Book
No. of Pages: 316
PDF Size: 11 MB
Language: English

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