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One Hundred Years of Solitude PDF Book by Gabriel García Márquez

Even though travelling to the capital was nearly impossible at the time, José Arcadio Buendia agreed to do so as soon as the government gave him the go-ahead so he could give some real-world demonstrations of his invention to the military leaders and instruct them personally in the intricate art of solar warfare.

He waited for a response for a number of years. Finally, weary of waiting, he complained to Melquades about the failure of his project, and the gypsy then provided him with convincing evidence of his sincerity: he returned the doubloons in exchange for the magnifying glass, and he also left him with several navigational aids and some Portuguese maps.

He provided José Arcadio with a brief summary of Monk Hermann’s studies that he had written in his own handwriting so that he could use the astrolabe, compass, and sextant. In order to prevent interruptions to his experiments, José Arcadio Buenda spent the lengthy months of the rainy season isolated in a small chamber he had erected in the back of the home.

PDF Name: One Hundred Years of Solitude PDF Book
No. of Pages: 201
PDF Size: 2 MB
Language: English

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