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[PDF] Night by Elie Wiesel PDF

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Author: Elie Wiesel

Night Book Summary

Note: Although Night is not strictly a memoir, this SparkNote often refers to it as such because of the work’s combination of testimony, deposition, and emotional truth-telling, which makes it comparable to memoirs. Eliezer is clearly designed to act as a stand-in and representation for author Elie Wiesel to a large degree. Minor details have been changed, but Eliezer’s storey is based on Wiesel’s own experiences during the Holocaust. It’s vital to note, however, that the narrator of Night, Eliezer, and Night’s author, Elie Wiesel, have different personalities.

Night is told by Eliezer, a Jewish adolescent living in Sighet, Hungarian Transylvania, around the time the book starts. Eliezer is a student of the Torah and the Kabbalah (the first five books of the Old Testament) (a doctrine of Jewish mysticism). When his instructor, Moishe the Beadle, is deported, his education is cut short. Moishe returns a few months later, narrating a terrifying storey of how the Gestapo (Germany’s secret police agency) seized control of his train, brought everyone into the woods, and slaughtered them all. Moishe is mistaken for a madman, and no one believes him.

The Nazis invade Hungary in the spring of 1944. A series of progressively draconian laws are enacted shortly after, and the Jews of Eliezer’s community are pushed into tiny ghettos inside Sighet. They’re soon forced aboard cattle cars, and a terrifying trip begins. The passengers arrive at Birkenau, the entrance to Auschwitz, after days and nights squeezed into the vehicle, tired and approaching hunger.

Eliezer and his father are separated from his mother and sisters when they arrive at Birkenau, and they never see them again. The Jews are reviewed in the first of several “selections” described by Eliezer in his book to decide whether they should be slaughtered right away or put to work. Although Eliezer and his father seem to pass the examination, they come across the open-pit furnaces where the Nazis are burning newborns by the truckload before being taken to the inmates’ quarters.

The newcomers are stripped, shaved, disinfected, and subjected to unspeakable brutality. Their captors eventually march them from Birkenau to Auschwitz, the main camp. They ultimately make their way to Buna, a labour camp, where Eliezer is assigned to an electrical-fittings plant. Under slave labour circumstances, chronically emaciated, and devastated by periodic “selections,” Jews find consolation in caring for one another, religion, and Zionism, a movement advocating the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine, which is regarded as the holy land. The Jews in the camp are beaten and humiliated on a regular basis. Eliezer is forced to give up his gold tooth, which is yanked out of his mouth with a rusted spoon by a ruthless boss.

The inmates are forced to witness other inmates being hanged in the camp courtyard. The Gestapo even hanged a tiny kid who had been linked to Buna’s rebels on one occasion. Because of the appalling circumstances in the camps and the constant threat of death, many of the inmates began to act cruelly, only concerned with their own survival. Fathers are being abandoned and abused by their sons. Eliezer starts to lose his humanity and confidence in God as well as the people around him.

Eliezer has surgery for a foot issue after months at the camp. However, while he is in the hospital, the Nazis decide to leave the camp since the Russians are approaching Buna and are about to liberate it. The captives begin a death march in the midst of a blizzard, running for more than fifty kilometres to the Gleiwitz concentration camp. Many people die as a result of exposure to the elements and weariness. The inmates are put into cattle carriages once again at Gleiwitz. They go on yet another perilous voyage: one hundred Jews board the train, but only twelve survive the trek to Buchenwald concentration camp. Throughout the hardship, Eliezer and his father provide mutual support and compassion to assist one other survive. Eliezer’s father, on the other hand, dies of illness and severe maltreatment in Buchenwald. Eliezer endures as an empty shell of a man until April 11, 1945, when the camp is liberated by the American forces.

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