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[PDF] Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download

Get Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download For Free

Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download
Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download

PDF Name: Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download
No. of Pages: 197
PDF Size: 1.86 MB
Language: English
Category: Ebook & Novel
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Summary of Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download

Biography of Mohammad Waseem Rizvi, former chairman of the Shia Waqf Board in Uttar Pradesh, has written the world’s most talked about and controversial book for 2020-21. A petition to ban this book was brought at the Delhi High Court, however the court refused to do so. Waseem Rizvi converted to Hinduism after authoring this novel, and his new name is Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi.

This book, titled “Mohammed,” is an attempt to comprehend Mohammed by delving into the inner secrets of a man named Mohammed. According to historians, Mohammad would retire to a deserted cave and stay there for hours before returning to his wife Khadija. Who was a very wealthy Arabian woman, used to try to persuade them that she had become the prophet of Allah, and as Mohammed’s appearance changed, those who accepted Muhammad as the Messenger of Allah were taken along by Mohammad, while those who refused to accept Muhammad as the Messenger of Allah and criticised him were killed.

Wasim Rizvi’s Muhammad Book in Hindi PDF

There is no other explanation in the world that has resulted in as much bloodshed as Islamic fundamentalism. According to some historians, the sword of Islam has slain around 80 million Hindus in India alone in the previous 800 years. Millions of people were massacred and women were raped in untold numbers in France, Egypt, and other countries where these robber Muslims were attacked. Not only did the process of mass killing non-Muslims continue during the time, but it persisted for centuries after that, and it continues to this day.

When Muhammad began teaching monotheism in the seventh century, he was met with criticism for his sins. The then Jewish tribes condemned Arabia at the time, claiming that Muhammad took biblical storylines and people without need and called himself the last prophet without performing any miracles. Muhammad did not even make the distinction between a legitimate prophet appointed by God and a fraudulent claimant in the Hebrew Bible. Because of all of these factors, the Jews began to refer to Muhammad as ‘Ha-Meshuga,’ which means’mad.’

Muhammad was considered as a pervert, a wicked, false prophet, and even an antichrist by different Western and Byzantine Christian philosophers during the Middle Ages. He was frequently regarded as a heretic and a creature caught in Satan’s grasp in the Christian world. Some of them, such as Thomas Aquinas, chastised Muhammad for promising his followers sex in the afterlife in the so-called Paradise.

Muhammad Book by Wasim Rizvi Hindi PDF Download Download in English for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

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