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Mandiant cozying up to both Microsoft and SentinelOne, apparently

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Incident Feedback It was an interesting combination of today’s news items for Powerhouse Mentian.

On the one hand, Bloomberg reports that Mondiant is in talks with Microsoft, which could lead to a merger between the two companies. The acquisition of Microsoft Mandiant will plug a major gap in the tech giant’s security offering portfolio with the addition of incident response (IR) services. While Microsoft is a serious player in most major security segments at the moment, the company is particularly absent, for example, from Gartner’s latest Market Guide for Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services. Therefore, the Microsoft-Mandiant talks reported just a few months after Mandiant regained its independence from FireEye make a lot of sense.

Then there’s the news item about Mandiant from today – based on the company’s announcement. Mandiant unveiled a new partnership with cyber firm SentinelOne, in which Mandiant uses SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform as part of its IR work.

Sentinellon, among other things, poses a growing challenge to Microsoft and its security business aspirations. Despite not being as vocal as Microsoft’s ally CrowdStrike, Sentinelon still strives for advantages over its technology compared to Microsoft.

“While Microsoft Defender for Endpoint may provide ‘Advanced Threat Protection’ for Windows 10+ Endpoints, they lag far behind in features and coverage for macOS, Linux and earlier Windows versions,” Sentinellon said on its website, comparing pages. Is. Microsoft vs. Sentinel One. “SentinelOne is better equipped for the unique needs of each organization with support for modern and legacy operating systems and feature parity in Windows, MacOS and Linux.”

And while Sentinelon is still establishing itself and unveiled just last year, it’s gaining momentum: in its most recent reporting quarter, annual recurring revenue rose 131% to $ 237 million.

Thus, the alliance: Mondiant is negotiating acquisitions with Microsoft, and Mondiant is starting a relationship with a growing Microsoft rival.

The mandible extends its horizon

CRN offers some insights into what a mandiant is on one side of a sentinel. Simple and simple, Mandiant needs to support more endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms than just Trelex (formerly FireI) and Microsoft, Marshall Heilman, Mandiant’s chief technology officer, told the site.

And sentinelion is a natural choice for mendicants for many reasons. SentinelOne not only provides state-of-the-art analytics for IR – which the company acquired as part of Scaler’s acquisition last year – but SentinelOne also does not compete with IR service providers, said Nicholas Warner, the company’s chief operating officer, in a recent interview. Me

“We made a strategic decision a few years ago that focused entirely on becoming a solution and technology provider, not a service firm,” Warner told me.

So both of these developments મે Mandiant’s partnership with Sentinelon, and Mandiant potentially looking at acquisitions by Microsoft છે make all sorts of sense individually.

But do they make sense when put together? Does Mandiant make the company take advantage of Sentinelone’s technology for its IR work? Even more Attracts Microsoft – because now Mandiant is more diverse and has access to some of the most advanced analytics for IR?

Or, does Mandiant, working with a Microsoft rival like Sentinellon, really suggest that perhaps getting Microsoft’s good side isn’t a top priority right now?

I do not know. But these are interesting questions.

Microsoft’s strategy

Now, I also know very well that tech companies are sensitive to partnering with each other and competing on the other.

So it is entirely possible that Mandiant would be comfortable for Sentinellon and at the same time explore a connection with Microsoft. I believe the outcome here may depend on what kind of IR services Microsoft chooses to own – one that focuses on the Microsoft security ecosystem, or one that is poised to become more comprehensive.

To know the answer, you need to know what Microsoft’s strategy is here. And given that Microsoft isn’t saying anything right now about what’s going on with Mandiant, we’ll have to wait and see.

But, for Microsoft’s purposes, at least Mandiant doesn’t use CrowdStrike so far.

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