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[PDF] Make Your Bed Pdf Book By William H. Mcraven Download

In Make Your Bed, William McRaven outlines all the things he has learnt over the course of his illustrious career. The first advice in the book is to get up and make your bed. The following words of wisdom deal with overcoming adversity and human nature. The original speech by Admiral McRaven on this subject received over 10 million views. Then he gathered all these well-liked concepts into a single book.

As a cadet, McRaven discovered that achievement is not based on social class, race, or religion. Your future is not influenced by how well your parents treated you or by the school you attended. People succeed through a combination of small actions and assistance from others.

I started reading this book in search of routines and habits. What I discovered, though, was much more. The journey McRaven takes you through through his life and the lessons he has learnt is tremendous. You find yourself with him in Navy SEAL training, drained, chilly, and sand-covered. You experience his challenges and eye-opening encounters alongside him.

PDF Name: Make Your Bed Pdf Book By William H. Mcraven
No. of Pages: 75
PDF Size: 1.28 MB
Language: English

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