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[PDF] Lift Every Voice and Sing Lyrics PDF

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PDF Name: Lift Every Voice and Sing Lyrics PDF
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Lift Every Voice and Sing PDF

The poem’s opening verse is about singing and music. In appreciation of liberty, the poem’s speakers suggest that we all raise our voices and sing together as one huge joyful family. The speakers invite us to perform a song that is full of hope and trust.

The second stanza delves into African Americans’ tough past. The speakers allude to African-Americans walking a “stony” route and the “rod” that was used to “chast [en]” them. Both the rough path and the rod are metaphors for the African-American experience’s brutality and difficulties. Nonetheless, the presenters encourage us, the audience, to remain hopeful. They claim African-Americans have come a long way, through a lot of adversity, and are now on the verge of a new, brighter future. Hurray!

The poem’s last verse is dedicated to God. The speakers realise that the only reason they’ve made it this far is because of the Big Boss up in the clouds: God. The speakers thank God for guiding them through tough times, and they beg God to continue to do so. The speaker’s hope at the conclusion of the poem is that they will “forever” stay devoted to their God and their homeland (America).

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