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Kingdom of Ash PDF Book Download by Sarah J. Maas

He hardly could even recall his own name. And only remembered it because his three companions had spoken it to him as they sought for her through storm-tossed mountains already covered in snow, across turbulent and dark waters, and through old, sleepy forests. He paused long enough to refuel his body and give his friends some time to rest.

He would have taken off and soared far and wide if not for them. But before this was through, he would need their magic and blades for power, as well as their shrewdness and knowledge. Before he faced the dark queen who had stolen his mate before she had been imprisoned in an iron coffin, the dark queen had torn into his innermost self.

After finishing with her, he would next go up against the icy gods themselves, determined to wipe out any trace of his mate. He continued to hang out with his friends as the days went by. The weeks followed. months later. Still, he looked. He continued to look for her on every abandoned and dusty road.

PDF Name: Kingdom of Ash PDF Book Download
No. of Pages: 901
PDF Size: 4 MB
Language: English

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