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Invincible Thinking PDF Book Download in Hindi by Ryuho Okawa

Building a tunnel can be compared to life because it feels like we are frequently confined by solid rock. This book acts as a strong drill to cut through these obstructions. We won’t give up in life if we consistently think in this way.

Undefeated thinking connects the concepts of reflection and advancement by being grounded in real-world principles. You will be able to proclaim that there is no such thing as failure—only success—by reading, pondering, and applying the philosophy presented in this book.

The author’s bio – A spiritual guru and the creator of the Institute for Research in Human Happiness, Ryuho Okawa. He has committed his entire life to learning about the afterlife and many forms of happiness for people. He received his education at the University of Tokyo and was born in Japan. Later, after joining a prestigious corporate organisation in Tokyo, he went to New York to study international finance. For everyone from teenagers to corporate executives, they have designed spiritual workshops.

PDF Name: The One Thing PDF Book
No. of Pages: 114
PDF Size: 11 MB
Language: Hindi

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