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On 30 September 2001, I was on my way to Bokaro from Ranchi in Jharkhand
when the helicopter carrying me crashed moments before landing. It hit the earth
with a thud after its engine failed. All of us on board had a miraculous escape.
Grateful to God but unfazed by the incident, I went ahead with my scheduled
programme of addressing the students in Bokaro. At night, however, a panel of
doctors persuaded me to take a tranquillizer to alleviate my perceived shock. The
drug made me sleep hours ahead of my usual time–1 a.m. I also failed to rise at
my usual 6 a.m. and woke up only after eight o’clock.

It was, however, a disturbed sleep, and sometime in the middle of it, I fell to
thinking why the human race, the best of all of God’s creations, has been so
deeply divided by violence. I imagined a conversation between five people who
together symbolize the finest attributes of the human mind and whom I admire
deeply. Through their conversation, I sought an answer. In this experience, much
more intense and vivid than a dream, though for want of a better word I shall
term it that, I saw myself in a desert with miles of sand all around.

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There was a
full moon and the desert was bathed in its light. Five men– Mahatma Gandhi,
Albert Einstein, Emperor Asoka, Abraham Lincoln and Caliph Omar– stood in a
circle, their clothes ruffled by the wind.

I felt myself dwarfed standing next to the majestic Emperor Asoka. Asoka led
two lives, one as a ruthless conqueror and the other as a compassionate ruler.
The man I stood beside was the one who had just returned from conquest.

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