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[PDF] Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway PDF

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PDF Name: Hills Like White Elephants PDF
No. of Pages: 4
PDF Size: 18 KB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Hills Like White Elephants Summary

“Hills Like White Elephants” begins with a detailed description of the story’s location, which takes place in a railway station surrounded by hills, farms, and trees in a Spanish valley. A guy known only as the American and his girlfriend wait for a train to Madrid at a table outside the station.

The guy orders two drinks despite the heat. The American says that he’s never seen a white elephant when the girl observes that the adjacent hills resemble white elephants. They order additional drinks and start arguing over how strong the booze tastes. The American chastises her and tells her that she should attempt to have fun. The girl responds that she’s just having a good time and then retracts her previous statement, claiming that the hills no longer resemble white elephants.

They order additional drinks, and the American indicates that he wants the girl, whom he refers to as “Jig,” to have surgery, but he never specifies what kind of surgery. He is upset and attempts to minimise the operation’s gravity. He claims that the surgery would be straightforward, but then claims that the process isn’t truly an operation at all.

When a few moments of silence, the girl wonders what would happen after she has the procedure. The guy responds that everything will be OK thereafter, exactly as it was before, and that their issues will be solved. He claims to have known a number of individuals who have had the procedure and found happiness as a result. The girl agrees with him objectively. The American then states that he will not compel her to undergo the procedure, but that he believes it is the best option. She informs him that she will get the surgery as long as he loves her and they can live happily together thereafter.

The male then expresses his love for the girl, but she says she is unconcerned about what happens to her. If that’s how she feels, the American replies weakly that she shouldn’t get the procedure. The girl then goes to the far end of the station, looks about at the surroundings, and wonders aloud whether they could truly be happy if she gets the procedure. They bicker for a time until the girl becomes weary of it and tells the American to shut up.

Two more beers are brought by the Spanish bartender, who informs them that the train will arrive in five minutes. The girl grins at the bartender, but since she doesn’t understand Spanish, she needs to ask the American what she said. The American brings their luggage to the platform after completing their drinks and then goes back to the pub, noting the other individuals who are also waiting for the train. He inquires as to whether she is feeling better. She claims that she is OK and that nothing is wrong with her.

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