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[PDF] Hatchet Book by Gary Paulsen PDF

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PDF Name: Hatchet Book PDF
No. of Pages: 206
PDF Size: 7.2 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files

Author: Gary Paulsen

Hatchet Book Summary

Brian Robeson, a thirteen-year-old from New York City, boards a plane from Hampton, New York to see his father in the Canadian north woods. His parents’ recent divorce, as well as “The Secret” that his mother is having an affair, weigh hard on him. Brian is given a short flying lesson by the pilot, during which he has control of the aircraft for a few minutes. The pilot’s shoulder, arm, and stomach seem to be hurting more and more. Brian first dismisses the situation as minor, but when the pilot jerks in his seat, it becomes evident that he is suffering a heart attack. The assault comes to a halt, and the pilot is killed; Brian is forced to assume command. Brian is stuck when the aircraft crashes into a lake in the Canadian wilderness after a perilous descent.

Brian is hungry and hurt from the incident, but he hopes he will be rescued soon. He comes upon some unusual berries to eat, which make him quite unwell. He then comes to a raspberry patch and sees a bear. Brian builds a shelter and hears a disturbance in the middle of the night. Brian tosses the hatchet at the porcupine that has invaded his refuge. Brian’s leg is pierced by its quills, causing him excruciating agony. Brian tries to start a fire without matches and succeeds when he learns to hit his hatchet on a stone to create sparks. He comes upon turtle eggs and immediately devours them. Brian is crushed and despairing as a jet flies by but fails to see him and continues on its journey. He tries to commit himself by slashing himself with his hatchet, but he lives and comes out of the ordeal ready to embrace life and take control of his own destiny.

Hatchet Book PDF

Brian quickly catches his first fish and feasts lavishly. A skunk, however, enters the shelter that night, and when Brian cries at it, it sprays him, briefly blinding him and enveloping him in a foul odour. Brian perfects his equipment and captures his first meal, a foolbird. A moose assaults Brian while he is washing the bird in the water, damaging his ribs and shoulder. Another bad event occurs shortly after as a tornado rolls across the woods, destroying Brian’s shelter.

Brian learns the day after the tornado that the wild storm has agitated the water in the lake, and the tail of the aircraft has emerged from the lake, reminding Brian of the deceased pilot and prompting him to say a few words for him. While lying in bed one night, Brian has the idea of looking for the survival pack in the plane’s fuselage, and he decides to create a raft to do so. Brian recovers the survival kit from the aircraft after several incidences of trial and error. He drops the hatchet to the bottom of the lake at one point, but rescues it with a lengthy dive. Brian notices the deceased pilot’s head underwater, half devoured by fish, on his journey back to the surface. Brian becomes ill in the water but makes it back to his shelter in time to sleep.

Brian opens the survival pack the following morning, which includes a plethora of helpful supplies, some of which he rejects in favor of the self-sufficient ways he has acquired during his stay in the woods. There is, however, freeze-dried food that he chooses to prepare right now. He also discovers a “Emergency Transmitter” label. He messes about with it, but it doesn’t seem to work. A jet arrives on the lake as Brian is cooking his much-anticipated lunch, rescuing a befuddled Brian who is settling down to eat his freeze-dried meal.

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