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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PDF Book by J. K. Rowling

The warmest day of the summer was coming to an end, and Privet Drive’s big, square houses were enveloped in a somnambulant calm. Due to the drought, hosepipes could no longer be used to water lawns, which resulted in once-emerald green vehicles standing dusty in their driveways.

The residents of Privet Drive had retreated into the shadow of their cool homes with their windows thrown open in the hope of luring in a nonexistent breeze after being denied their customary activities of car washing and lawn trimming. A young man in his teens was the only person still present outside, and he was sprawled out in a flowerbed outside number four.

The Dursleys’ lack of intelligence regarding their son Dudley was truly astounding; they had fallen for all of his naive tales about having tea with a different member of his gang every evening throughout the summer vacation. Dudley and his group spent every evening vandalising the play park, smoking on street corners, and hurling stones at passing automobiles and kids, so Harry was completely aware that he had not been to tea anyplace.

PDF Name: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PDF
No. of Pages: 1108
PDF Size: 5 MB
Language: English

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