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Grays Anatomy For Students PDF Book In English : Second Edition

With curricula becoming either more integrated or more systems oriented over the past 20 years or so, there have been numerous developments that have affected how students learn human anatomy in medical and dentistry schools as well as in allied health programmes.

To increase the quantity of self-directed learning and develop the abilities necessary for lifelong learning, instructional approaches also emphasise the utilisation of small group activities. An increase in the amount of knowledge that has to be learned without necessarily requiring more time has been a result of the explosion of information in every subject.

With these modifications, we thought it was time to write a new text that would enable students to learn anatomy within the framework of numerous different curricular designs and within progressively tighter time limitations. Many of the objectives we had set for Gray’s Anatomy for Students’ first edition were realised, including our main objective of assisting students in learning anatomy.

PDF Name: Grays Anatomy For Students PDF Book In English
No. of Pages: 1140
PDF Size: 47 MB
Language: Hindi

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