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[PDF] Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown PDF

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PDF Name: Goodnight Moon PDF
No. of Pages: 76
PDF Size: 1.0 MB
Language: English
Category: eBooks & Novels
Source: Drive Files

Author: Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon Summary

Maragret Wise Brown wrote Goodnight Moon and Clement Hurd drew it. It’s a traditional children’s bedtime tale about a rabbit’s daily routine before night. Before going to bed, the rabbit walks around the room, seeing everything in his line of vision and saying goodbye to everyone. Everything is discussed, from the paintings on the wall to the mice to the clock, and it is also said goodnight. The rabbit becomes more fatigued as the narrative progresses, eventually stating “Goodnight sounds everywhere” just before he falls asleep.

Because the drawings extend the narrative and the structure and design are aesthetically engaging to the reader, with bright colours and details in the pictures, this book is classified as a fiction picture book. The images also assist to extend the verbal parts, which is important given how little text there is. Furthermore, this picture book belongs to the modern realistic fiction genre. Before going to bed, a tiny bunny says goodbye to the stuff in his room, which is a realistic scenario in today’s world.

Even though the characters are rabbits, they have human characteristics, as seen by the bunny being tucked into bed, saying goodnight, and being watched after by an older female rabbit. His room also has photographs, a clock, and a phone, which adds to the realism of the scenario. Due to the premise mirroring real children’s life, it may also be classified as this genre. Also, the main character’s conversation seems genuine, since he is saying goodbye to the stuff in his room, as youngsters often do.

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