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[PDF]Good To Great Book By Jim Collins PDF Download

The main ideas of Jim Collins’ venerable business book, Good to Great, will be succinctly discussed in this essay.

“Good and great are enemies.” In pursuit of the answer to the question of how to turn good organisations into great ones, the author and his colleagues have spent the last five years conducting extensive studies. The fact that “Good to Great” transformations are so uncommon is due to how challenging they are. The following framework was developed by author Jim Collins based on his research into the phases that every great firm goes through in order to succeed:

Some businesses, like Coca-Cola, have always been outstanding. This kind of business isn’t the subject of the book. It concerns businesses that were successful for a while before transforming into long-lasting exceptional ones. Over a 40-year span, 1,435 companies were investigated to identify such companies. From this research, eleven outstanding businesses were discovered.

Years of scholarly research are analysed in the book Good to Exceptional to show how good organisations evolve into great ones. As a result of his research, Jim Collins discovered some characteristics that all successful businesses have that are universal. The secret lies in selecting the appropriate candidates, letting go of the incorrect ones, changing when necessary, and elevating capable leaders. The result is a wave of good energy that will carry you and your group to greatness. But this approach is not just a hypothesis. Many great businesses use the Good to Great methodology. For instance, Jim Collins was encouraged by Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, to apply the ideas from this book to Amazon.

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