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Freakonomics PDF Book by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt

Consider the following correlation: Cities with a high murder rate also frequently have a high police presence. Now think about the relationship between police and homicide in two actual cities. Although the populations of Denver and Washington, D.C. are almost equal, Washington has eight times more homicides than Denver and nearly three times as many police officers.

However, without more details, it’s difficult to determine what’s what. If one didn’t know any better, they may look at these numbers and believe that Washington’s increased police presence is to blame for the increase in homicides. Such erroneous thinking, which has a lengthy history, typically results in erroneous behaviour.

Consider the proverbial tsar who discovered that his empire’s most disease-ridden area also had the most doctors. His response? He immediately gave the order to execute all the doctors. Free Download of the Freakonomics PDF Book Now, going back to the topic of campaign expenditure, it is helpful to think about the incentives at play in campaign financing in order to understand the relationship between money and elections.

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