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Fortnite officially not coming to Steam Deck

Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney announced on social media that Fortnight would not be officially on Steam Deck.

Twitter user Sweeney asked If Epic had plans to update Fortnite to introduce compatibility between Proton, Vine and Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat software. Sweeney’s response was quick to crush the dreams of gamers who wanted to win the match and floss a bit on the trip.

Fortnite is not on Steam, but SteamDack aims to be an open platform like a normal PC. Device owners will be able to install software from almost anywhere. It’s not just programs and games available on Steam. Sweeney though Praise for the deviceThe same openness is the reason for the lack of fortnight.

Customers have been patiently waiting for the steam deck since the original announcement and pre-order period this past summer. Handheld was originally scheduled to launch in November 2011, but global supply-chain issues forced a delay until February 2022.

Hopefully they’ll be happy with everything the device can do because they won’t be playing Fortnight.

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