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“One of the things I didn’t know was his poor background. She came from a situation where, basically, her family had nothing, “Weinstock says. As the daughter of immigrants in New York City in the 1930s, Dreselhos went through one of the most difficult times in American history. She got her first job at the age of eight, as a teacher for a special needs student. She also worked as a child laborer in a sweat shop, putting zippers together.

Weinstock was also surprised to learn of Dreselhos’ deep love for music.

“Music played a central role in every phase of her life,” she says. “Without music, she wouldn’t be a scientist, or at least it would be a very different path.” Dreselhaus had a flawless memory for music from the age of four and received a scholarship to music school with his brother, Violin Prodigy. She continued to play the violin at least two days a week until her death, making music a focal point in her family and in her professional life.

Weinstock hopes his book will inspire the next generation. “If I had a book like this when I was growing up,” she says, “look at this example and say, ‘I want to do something like this too.'”

Man of Terror: A Comprehensive Analysis Viking Combat
By William Short ’73 and Reynir Skarson
Westholm, 2021, $ 49.50

Mystery of Iceland
By Jared Bibler ’73
Harriman House, 2021, $ 25.99

Each time: God, symmetry and time
By Thomas Sheehan ’62, Ph.D. ’66
EN ROOT BOOKS, 2021, 18.99

Reliability-Based Design in Soil and Rock Engineering: Increasing the Partial Factor Design Approach
By Buck Kong Law ’79, SM ’79
CRC Press, 2021, $ 144

Law and policy for Quantum Age
By Simson Garfinkel ’87, PhD ’05
Cambridge University Press, 2021, $ 29.99

Beyond Coding: How children learn human values ​​through programming
By Marina Bears, SM ’97, PhD ’01
MIT Press, 2022, $ 25.00

Where futures converge: Kendall Square And the creation of a global innovation hub
By Robert Buderi ’87
MIT Press, 2022, $ 34.95

Bomb Discovery: Strategy of Nuclear proliferation
By Vipin Narang, Frank Stanton Professor of Nuclear Security and Political Science
MIT Press, 2022, 29.95

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