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Divine Comedy PDF Book Download by Dante Alighieri

This canto serves as both the opening to The Divine Comedy as a whole and the prologue to Dante’s voyage through the Inferno. Dante discovers he is trapped in a gloomy, scary wood at the age of 35. A mountaintop that is sparkling in the sun in front of him gives him hope. But as he begins to up the hill, he is startled by a leopard who threatens to block him, then by an irate lion, and finally by a she-wolf, the most ominous of the three animals.

As a result, Dante is forced back into the darkness, which is both literal and allusive, as we soon learn about everything in this poem. (This poem contains a wide variety of allegories. As opposed to the gloomy wood, whose significance is clear, the leopard, the lion, and the she-wolf are emblems rather than symbols and require interpretation.)

Dante begs for assistance, unsure if the approaching human figure is a ghost or an actual person. The figure explains that he is Virgil’s shadow. Dante is keen to point out that he admires this poet above all others. Dante is encouraged by Virgil, who also says that if he wants to find a solution to his problems, he must take a new route.

PDF Name: Divine Comedy PDF Book Download
No. of Pages: 266
PDF Size: 4 MB
Language: English

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