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Devil’s bargain: Gamers get new Mario Strikers without Daisy

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In 2005, Nintendo released one of the best sports video games ever. Super Mario Strikers is a fast-paced, arcade-style soccer game that puts Mario in front of Luigi, Donkey Kong and Bowser. At the time, however, one character was different – or, at the very least, had her butt. Daisy was Princess Peach’s Auburn-haired alternative, a favorite of fans because of her indifferent attitude and a celebration that included standing in front of the camera behind her. Nintendo followed Mario Strikers Charged for Wii in 2007, but fans have been waiting to return to the franchise ever since. And today, Nintendo has confirmed that it is finally making a sequel called Mario Strikers: Battle League. The only problem is that it doesn’t include daisies.

Mario Strikers: Battle League for Nintendo Switch starts June 10. And it looks like he’s getting a lot of insane energy from the original game. Nintendo is also adding some new features like online club mode where up to 20 players can compete for placement in the league. It also has the option to equip your characters to change their numbers.

But one player who doesn’t have that option is Daisy. Of course, it’s possible that Daisy is an unlocked character, but we can’t rely on Nintendo to get this right. They need to know that they can’t present us with this devilish deal where we get new Mario Strikers but without Daisy.

As you can see, according to the selection screen we are getting characters like Rosalina instead.


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Look at the demand

Rosalina is also good.

I will work on the petition.

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