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DeHorizon raises funding for metaverse game ecosystem

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DeHorizon, a blockchain gaming company that is building the Metavers game ecosystem, has raised a new round of funding led by Griffin Gaming Partners and Circle Ventures.

DeHorizon will use the money to stimulate the sports portfolio and increase the size of the team. The size of the round was not disclosed. The company is creating a series of games that are all connected in the same metavers. The company has multiple pieces, all working on different parts of its Metavers strategy and having different names next to “De”.

This latest strategic round of financing follows DeHorizon’s $ 8.5 million funding round in October 2021, led by Sfermion and Dragonfly Capital. DeHorizon is building blockchain based team battle DeVerse.

DeHorizon is led by gaming veterans who have previously held roles at Riot, Dungeons & Dragons and Blizzard, as well as Web 3 specialists with years of experience in the fintech and blockchain industries.

Following the founding of DeHorizon, the team immediately set out to develop three different games, with the goal of “having fun and earning.”

DeHorizon’s upcoming flagship game experiences include DeVerse, a team battle game. After a great battle broke out in Dawn City between academia and urbanism, players will have to fight and try their best to capture Dawn City for victory.

DeHorizon’s figurine scenes.

He is also working on the Battle Royale Tournament, a game set in “Extreme Outer Space”. The goal is to become the last people standing in Deathmatch and survive on the giant map with treasures and traps.

She is also working on the dragon-racing game DeMythical, an arena game for both players and spectators. It offers huge prizes as an incentive for intense competition. But higher returns usually come with higher risks.

Aside from games that have been made public to the community, DeHorizon is also developing a game called Effie, a medieval fantasy game in a mysterious, mountainous region.

The long-term vision of the DeHorizon metaverse is to create a virtual carnival that is open to all Metavers residents on multiple blockchains.

While there is a lot of competition with the vast flow of Web 3 projects and blockchain games, DeHorizon is focusing on long-term value through connected experiences that include both great gameplay and deep social connections created by immersive virtual environments, the company said.

“As one of my biggest gamers, I’ve been watching and playing a lot of gamefie blockchain games in the last two years,” DeHorizon CEO Shane Xue said in an email to GamesBeat. “They are not really sports, lacking in fun and social, they focus on the game to earn and make gaming a financial ‘tool’. I think this is completely wrong for the next generation game.

Xu added, “In my mind, Web 3 games should be community-powered plus fun plus interactive. The game itself will not be controlled by the developer. Players must decide what lies ahead for the game. So that’s how DeHorizon came to be. Our goal is to become the next generation of Metavers game ecosystems, enabling players to create, socialize, and enjoy blockchain-based games with their friends. The long-term vision of the DeHorizon metaverse is to create a virtual carnival open to all metaverse residents in multiple chains. It allows players to enjoy a second life.

The company is actively working with nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to enable experiences in its metavars – this is where DeMeta works as the first interoperable, editable and evolving ERC-721 NFT, consisting of six customized attributes and a character profile. Chains within 256 bytes are only customized by players.

DeHorizon believes that developing a variety of game offers with play-to-earn mechanics is an important step in ensuring the utility and growth of the entire metavers. Allowing players to connect between multiple games is the first phase of the DeHorizon metaverse.

Demata will give you a digital identity in metavers.

The company stays close to infrastructure development in Web3 so that whenever the opportunity arises, it can participate in the integration of other metavers platforms and blockchain protocols. The company has set up a decentralized autonomous body (DAO) for governance.

“We are thrilled to be voting at DeHorizon DAO and to partner with this very additive group of investors. Shane’s enthusiasm and vision for Metavers is exciting and inspiring, and the team has strong gaming and creative track records to match, “said Phil Sanders, co-founder of Griffin Gaming Partners, in a statement.

In addition to the Strategic Investment Round, Griffin has teamed up with Dehorison DAO as Gaming Partners D-Guardian with Binance Labs, Dragonfly Capital, and Sfermion. Prior to DeHorizon, Griffin Gaming Partners has invested in a number of gaming infrastructure and virtual immersive platforms, such as Discord, Fort and Wave.

“We are excited about the development and mainstream development of blockchain gaming and Metavers,” said Jeremy Fox-Gin, CFO of the Circle, “and we are excited to support DeHorizon as their all-star team builds the next generation. Metavers game ecosystems.”

In an email to GamesBeat, Xu said DAO governance is “an essential step towards creating an autonomous, dimensional and prosperous metavars game ecosystem, which promotes the growth of the creative economy.”

“DeHorizon DAO is made up of DeVoice and DeGuardian. One of the original intentions of launching DeHorizon DAO was to listen carefully to the voices of DeHorizon fans around the world, “said Zhou.” So we kindly call them devices. We respect him as a guardian. “

Venture capital firms will help Dehorizon become a competitor in the Metavers game experience. DeHorizon believes that continuing to optimize the game’s entry threshold will create an “on-ramp” in web3-powered metavars for new players around the world.

The company has 60 people in its 8gg yolk studio in its Shanghai studio; 15. And so the DeHorizon Foundation has a total of 75 people at its Austin, Texas studio at Demata. He started the company with his co-founders in April 2021.

Xu said the first large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game will begin internal testing on February 22. The official release will be in April 2022. The second title FPS / Battle Royale game will begin internal testing in May.

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