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[PDF] Cuento de la Independencia de México Para Niños PDF Download

The tenet of the Mayan religion was that everything—gods,
 everything was alive, including people, animals, plants, mountains, and even towns. All of life’s events could be accounted for by timing movements. Due to this, the Maya was so adept at mathematics and astronomy that she was able to develop a calendar that was that exact.
Additionally, the Maya thought that human events were divinely foreordained.

Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld were the three levels of the Mayan world. Three of them had a divine origin and were related. The Mayans lived in the prehistoric era. 
It was believed that this realm was sacrosanct. The symbol was a tree, because it reached in all three directions, the Mayan universe. The trunk stood. Its branches on the ground reached into the underworld and its roots into heaven.

The Mayans engaged in ceremonies to please a variety of deities, including the creator god and the gods of the sun, moon, and corn. These ceremonies frequently included the shedding of blood. Whether it be human or animal, blood was thought to be life. Hence, the Mayans’ sacrifice of human beings was used. Warfare was crucial because captured soldiers were frequently those who were killed.

PDF Name: Cuento de la Independencia de México Para Niños PDF Download
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