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[PDF]Creative Confidence Book In English By Tom and David Kelley PDF Free Download

This is a book from two brothers who have been close all their lives. As children
in small-town Ohio, we played baseball on the same Tigers Little League teams
in the summer and built snow forts together in the winter. We shared a bedroom
for fourteen years, tacking up posters of muscle cars on the knotty-pine walls in
the kind of finished basement that was popular in the Midwest. We went to the
same grade school, joined the same Boy Scout troop, went on family vacations
to Lake Erie, and once camped all the way to California and back with our
parents and two sisters. We took many things apart, and put some of them back
But a close-knit relationship and overlapping lives do not mean our paths were
the same. David has always been a bit unconventional. His favorite class in high
school was art. He played in a local rock band called the Sabers with his friends.
He built giant plywood structures like jukeboxes and grandfather clocks for the
annual Spring Carnival at Carnegie Mellon. He started a firm called Intergalactic
Destruction Company (the month Star Wars debuted in theaters) so he and his
friends could do construction work together for the summer. Just for fun, he
painted three bold green stripes along the back wall of our parents’ house, still
there forty years later. And he always loved creating one-of-a-kind gifts, like the
time he made his girlfriend a phone that would dial only his number, no matter
what buttons she pushed.
Tom, on the other hand, followed a path that seemed more traditional. After
studying liberal arts in college, he considered going to law school, tried working
at an accounting firm for a while, and played an IT-related role at General
Electric. After getting an MBA, he worked in a spreadsheet-intensive position as
a management consultant. Along the way, his jobs were mostly predictable, both
in their day-to-day work and the longer-term career paths each offered. Then he
joined the design world and discovered there was more fun to be had coloring
outside the lines.

PDF Name: Creative Confidence Book In English By Tom and David Kelley PDF
No. of Pages: 209
PDF Size: 3.32 MB
Language: English

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