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Convict Conditioning PDF Book by Paul Wade

Since I couldn’t get to a gym at the time, I trained by myself in my cell without any equipment. I had to figure out how to use my own body as a gym. My interest and form of therapy became training. I significantly increased in size and strength in just six months, and within a year I was one of the physically strongest players in the hole.

This was totally due to conventional, old-school callisthenics. On the outside, these forms of exercise are all but extinct, but inside jails, information about them is still being passed down orally from one generation to the next. Because there are so few other training opportunities to divert people most of the time, this expertise has only remained in the jail setting.

No pilates or aerobics lessons. Prison gyms are currently a hot topic in the outside world, but trust me, they are a relatively recent import, and where they do exist, they are typically underequipped. I’ve read everything I can about training, exercise, and equipment-free methods for building the physique during my time.

PDF Name: Convict Conditioning PDF Book
No. of Pages: 303
PDF Size: 19 MB
Language: English

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