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[PDF] Como Tener Una Relacion Sana PDF Download

• We all have relationships in our lives, but we don’t often talk about what makes a
relationship healthy.
• Ask participants: Think about a relationship in your life that you think is healthy. The
relationship could be with a family member (e.g., sibling or parent), a friend, or with a
• Ask participants: What do you see, hear, and feel in this healthy relationship?
Answers include:

  • You see:talking, smiling, having fun together, and showing concern
  • You hear: laughing, complimenting one another, and asking how you are
  • You feel:trusted, loved, cared for, and worry-free.
    • Relationships are a necessary and important part of our lives. They provide us with a sense
    of belonging and support. They are fun and make us feel loved.
    • And,relationships take work. We are not born with the skills to have a healthy relationship;
    we learn these skills from watching others and through practice in our own relationships.

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