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Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book Revised Storytelling System Rulebook

On the other side of the mirror, a hand started thrashing. At first quietly, then distantly, then intensifying, until she noticed the glass trembling and breaking. Running back down the hallway, Siranush stumbled away from the mirror. Each window, mirror, and glass pane was broken by the Sira-in-the-mirror as she pursued.
Her fingers penetrating the spaces left by the broken pieces. The hands were bleeding where they had been cut; the blood was dark, clotting, and smelled strongly of formaldehyde. As they continued to encircle her, they grabbed at her sleeves and dug their fingers into her hair. Why was Nana’s house so full of mirrors?

She came close to returning to the living room. Her shouts seemed muffled by several layers of glass as she was hauled back into the shadowy passage by her own hands. Sira-in-the-hall yanked Sira-in-the-bloodied mirror’s hands off her wrist and out of her hair. Together, they teetered, half in the mirror, half out.

PDF Name: Chronicles of Darkness PDF Book
No. of Pages: 294
PDF Size: 39 MB
Language: English

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