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[PDF] Caught by the Convicts PDF Español

Get Caught by the Convicts PDF Español For Free

Caught by the Convicts PDF Español
Caught by the Convicts PDF Español

PDF Name: Caught by the Convicts PDF Español
No. of Pages: 63
PDF Size: 547 KB
Language: English
Category: Ebook & Novel
Source: Multiple source

Summary of Caught by the Convicts PDF Español

With every step I take into the penitentiary, my legs liquefy a little more.
Every instinct inside me is screaming for me to turn around and sprint for
the closest exit. Though it would be no easy escape. I’d have to wait for the
steel door to be unlocked, wouldn’t I? Not to mention the three doors
preceding it. The goal of a prison is to keep people locked inside, after all.
I’m sealed within these cinderblock walls with hundreds of dangerous felons
now—and there’s no turning back.
I came here with a purpose and I knew it would be hard. Knew I would
probably shake in my kitten heels the entire time. But it will be worth it.
That’s what I told myself when I called in this favor with a client to meet
with one of the prisoners. And it’s what I told myself over and over on the
drive to the state penitentiary this morning. Taking ownership of my fear will
make this scary situation worthwhile.
“Last chance to turn back,” the guard croons over his shoulder in a sugary
Louisiana drawl. “Some of these men ain’t seen a lady in over a decade.
You’re like a bone being tossed into a pack of hungry dogs.”
“That’s very flattering, thank you,” I mutter, running a hand down the
front of my white silk blouse to make sure all the buttons are secure. “If they
want to yell obscene things at me, I can handle it. As long as they remain
locked in their cells while I’m meeting with my…” I trail off before I can say
the word father. “Mr. O’Casey.”

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